The healing arts of Hawaii include a knowledge of diagnosis (haha), which emphasizes observation, palpation, questions (e.g. daily diet, exercise) and a knowledge of the health history of the patient and the family (e.g. genetics). Today, lomilomi is well known for the stress relieving power and depth of its massage and manual methods of therapy. Modern lomilomi is the clinical massage of Hawai’i.

Our aim is to restore harmony and balance in people lives using ancient modalities. Here are some of the healing modalities that we offer:

* Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage (Relaxation, Deep Work , & Energy Work)
* Opu Lomi (Abdominal Massage)
* Wela Pohaku (Hot Stone Therapy)
* Sports Massage (Pre, Post & Rehabilitation)
* Medical Qigong Therapy
* Ginger Moxa
* Cupping
* Gua Sha (Scrapping)

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To schedule an appointment, or for more information please email or call at 650-296-6535

Regarding your scheduled session:
If you arrive late, please note that your treatment will end as previously scheduled as a courtesy to the next guest. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please observe our 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged in full for the scheduled treatment.

Be assured that the greatest care will be taken to ensure your privacy and comfort using proper draping procedures. Please feel free to disrobe according to your individual level of comfort so that you may relax and enjoy your treatment to the fullest.

Drink plenty of water before and after all therapy sessions. As energy pathways are opened and substances are allowed to move more freely, “detoxification symptoms” may be experienced up to 24-48 hours after a session. The consumption of alcohol prior to, or directly following a session is also discouraged.