Aloha and Welcome to
Ohana "Family" Traditions Wellness Center

The timeless wisdom and grace of Hawaiian Lomilomi. The history of this massage is over hundreds of years old. It is an integral part of a nation’s culture and is of family origin deep in tradition, respect and family values. Lomilomi is a spiritual, ancient Hawaiian massage technique passed on through family generations by either Kupuna (elders) or Kahuna (keepers of the secret).

Lomilomi communicates deep within the core of the self. Through breath, imagery and movement, the fluid, wave-like motions of Lomilomi gain healing access to the inner links which connect each of us, to the environment and to the Universal Spirit. These invisible links allow for the transfer and accumulation of life force and the subsequent transformation into Mana. The result of focused practices of thought and action, Mana is the Polynesian power source for healing.

Here at Ohana Traditions Wellness Center, we create an atmosphere that is intimate and relaxing. The key to your health, happiness and freedom to love and live, is within you. Through the vessels of healing and forgiving, your body, mind, and spirit becomes balanced and free to experience wholeness on all levels. Allow yourself the opportunity to retreat and come back home to the masterpiece called you... Aloha!

Malama Kou Kino! "Take Care of Your Body".