Medical Qigong
Qigong pronounced “Chi Gong” is an ancient Chinese energy healing art. Qi (or chi) means life force or vital energy. “Gong” means work, self-discipline, achievement, or mastery. Today Medical Qigong therapy is very popular in Chinese hospitals and clinics. Medical Qigong is not only for treating existing conditions but has proven to be beneficial for the prevention of disease as well.
Life Force Energy
Through Qigong, patients increase the life force of Qi and remove emotional and physical blockages to their health. The result is increased energy, decreased inflammation, and balancing of their yin and yang forces. Pain, illness, and dis-ease are the degenerative results that occur when a person’s life is out of balance. The result of this imbalance is toxic, negative and blocked energy which causes disorder on the body’s systems; immune, endocrine, metabolic, circulatory, digestive, neurological, reproductive, respiratory, skeleton. The form that this negative energy display varies from person to person depending on their individual DNA, personality, history, and lifestyle.