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Our Lomilomi certification program includes four levels that are taken in sequence to build toward becoming a Lomilomi Certified Practitioner under our Hawaiian Lomilomi lineage.

Level 1 - Hawaiian Lomilomi Introduction 

In this integrative program, you will experience an introduction to the spiritual and energetic theory of lomilomi. Students will learn the fundamental lomilomi protocols for self-care and ohana care, noho lomi (seated), opu lomi (abdominal). Basic cleansing, cultivating, and grounding exercises will be taught to help support the practitioners with their energy enhancement, protection, and heighten awareness. Learning lomilomi is more about experiencing the knowledge, rather than learning the techniques.

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Level 2 Hawaiian Lomilomi Fundamental

Continuation from the introductory course, in this 3-Day integrative program you will experience a more in-depth sensitivity feeling to the Lomilomi protocols. Students will learn how to palpate the body to find blockages and how to facilitate their release through Lomilomi and much more.

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Level 3 - Hawaiian Lomilomi Advanced

This advanced integrative program is a build-up from the introductory and fundamental course. A more in-depth theory into cleansing, cultivating, and grounding exercise. A more in-depth abdominal massage (Opu Huli) protocol to purge and tonify your organs. You will be introduced to the Pain Management theories to quickly find the stagnate channel to provide quick soothing relief to energetic imbalances.


Level 4 - Ho'omana

Are you interested in an esoteric view of the world, want to connect more with who you are and discover a whole new world around you, then this journey is for you. Experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with your Higher Power.

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